Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Florence Headboard

Not only did the Provence Headboard sell (the light turquoise), but I got commissioned to make another one, and I took some pics of the process.  I think the hardest part for me is finding a large enough flat surface to work on.  My porch turned out to be the best place.
Here's the door in original condition.  Very old, at least 5 layers of lead paint.  Rough texture

Legs and supports are screwed it and holes filled.

Crown molding and top cap are on.  I borrowed a nail gun and air compressor.  Guess what's on my Christmas list now?

I decided to add a little nail head trim.  It's for a guy so I was going for a masculine look.

It was a light brown wash sponge painted over white when I got it.  I painted it a dark brown because that's what I wanted to peek through the Florence color.

Aren't the hinges so cool?  I wet distressed this time because I didn't want any original paint peeking through.

After distressing, I waxed with a dark wax.

This is the best final photo I could get.  The headboards are too heavy for me to move once I finish them and I can't get any farther away with my camera.

If you'd like a custom headboard, they are $450 plus tax and I am taking orders for the spring.  Advance notice is great because it can take awhile to track down a door in the right price range.  Just email me about what you'd like it to look like and when you'd like it by, and I'll put you on the schedule.  Before starting I'll get a supply deposit and get to work!