Monday, April 23, 2012

Arles Side Table and Garage of Good

   Huge announcement!  I will be selling my pieces Saturday, May 26th at Garage of Good near the Pearl Brewery!  Garage of Good is a sale features local artisans and I am thrilled to find a venue that fits my needs.  The Pearl Brewery is awesome - you can come buy my furniture, go to the farmer's market and eat at La Gloria, one of my favorite restaurants! Click here to read more about it.
     In gearing up for that, I am starting to work on the furniture Crystal gave me in return for helping refinish her kitchen island.  This is a little side table, approximately 30 wide.  I say approximate because Blake "borrowed" my tape measure a couple of hours ago and I still can't find it.  It's probably up a tree or something.  The finish on the table was flaking off and there was a ton of water damage on top.
I sanded down the top, made some minor repairs, and stained the top.  Then I painted it with Arles chalk paint, a creamy yellow that I just have been itching to put on something, and distressed and dark waxed it.  I finished it off by putting a cute knob on it! 

A close up of the knob:  Got it at World Market, by the way.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avery's Vanity

I snagged up this vanity from Goodwill with Dawn in mind.  I knew she was moving and her daughter needed some new furniture, and sure enough, she wanted it.  Look how hideous is was, though!  

I nicknamed it "The Beast"  Because it was so hard to strip.  I don't usually have to strip things when I use chalk paint, but when there's peacock feathers decoupaged all over the place you do.  I would get so annoyed I'd work on something else for awhile and come back to it.  It had such potential though.  I forgot to take a picture of the inside after I finished, but I painted the inside grey.
 Here's the after:  I used Old White over Paris Grey.

It turned out so soft and feminine!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beachy Blue Table

A family friend, Karen, gave this white table to me through my mother-in-law.  It sat for a little while before I decided what to do with it.  It looks like just a plain white table, but this went through college with her son, so believe me, it was gross.  

I decided to use Aubusson chalk paint on it, with Paris Grey underneath.  Here it is with painted bottom and stripped top.  For the top I used a gel stripper and sanded the rest off:

Then I pickled it to age it quickly, then used whitewashes of both grey and blue:

I liked the end result but decided it was too cool so I decided to slap on a coat of dark wax over the entire thing.

Here's the final result:  

The picture really doesn't do it justice, but the top is a beautiful blend of warm and cool tones, with occasional hints of blue:

This piece will actually be for sale as soon as I decide on a price!  I actually have two chairs I could do to go with the table.  Should I do them matching or something different but coordinating?  What do you think?  Should I chuck the whole chair idea?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old White Armoire

It started out as a big, solid oak TV armoire.  Very nice, but they got a big flat screen and decided to repurpose this as a liquor cabinet.  She wanted distressed Old White with a bit of stenciling on it.  Here is the after:  It was so big I couldn't really set up a curtain around it.  So just pretend this is staged beautifully.  When I edited this pic, I realized the stencil on the right was a bit heavier, so I went back and fixed that (On the furniture, not the pic...)

Once again I was so eager to start on a piece that I forgot to take a before pic.  I prefer to put the before pic before the after pic, but then the thumbnail on facebook shows up as the before.  Make sense?  Anywho, it was really similar to this:

 Love the hardware she picked out!  Goes perfectly with the paint color!