Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old White Armoire

It started out as a big, solid oak TV armoire.  Very nice, but they got a big flat screen and decided to repurpose this as a liquor cabinet.  She wanted distressed Old White with a bit of stenciling on it.  Here is the after:  It was so big I couldn't really set up a curtain around it.  So just pretend this is staged beautifully.  When I edited this pic, I realized the stencil on the right was a bit heavier, so I went back and fixed that (On the furniture, not the pic...)

Once again I was so eager to start on a piece that I forgot to take a before pic.  I prefer to put the before pic before the after pic, but then the thumbnail on facebook shows up as the before.  Make sense?  Anywho, it was really similar to this:

 Love the hardware she picked out!  Goes perfectly with the paint color!

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