Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morrocan End Table

I think this table is adorable.  I actually envisioned this piece looking crisp and modern with no distressing.  That is not what the piece wanted to do and it doesn't take long to learn to work with a piece and not against it.  When I pulled the stencil off the top it ripped some of the veneer off with it.  So, instead of fixing it, I just roughed it up everywhere, all over, and I think it looks perfect. 

Here is the before:

I kept the original hardware.  Old brass is back, baby.
 Love how weathered it turned out.  Looks beachy.

So, I have another table identical to it.  Should I do it the same way in case someone wants a set or it's just so cute 2 people might want the same thing?  Or something totally different?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

King Sized Headboard

I have finally finished both doors that I turned into headboards.  Doing crown moulding was MUCH harder than I anticipated, and my lack of being able to understand it made me really frustrated.  I just knew my Trigonometry and Calculus teacher could feel my failure and was shaking his head in disappointment somewhere... but I finally figured it out.  Turns out my saw is just not really right for the job.  It needs to be bigger and I would love to have a compound miter saw.  I'm not saying I'll never do crown moulding again...but I'll never use my saw for it again!  
Having said that, didn't this turn out GORGEOUS?  LOVE the color combo Sheala picked out - Pure White over Provence.  For the medallions I painted them Provence, waited til dry, then painted white and rubbed it through to the blue with a damp cloth.  
 In case you forgot what the original door looked like...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old White table

Here is the sister to the aqua cabinet table I just finished.  I made this one a little more refined and neutral.
Love how the glass knob is perfect - I wanted the wood to be the focus of the piece, not the knob.
 This was a bit too plain jane, so I added a wodden applique to paint and distress.  This is Old White over Graphite, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
 Here's a close up of the wood.  It is reclaimed barn wood with several coats of dark wax on top.
 Isn't it just deliciously weathered?  I think this would be a perfect entry table with a bit of storage underneath.  This piece will be for sale in October at Fredericksburg Trade Days!  Click here for the link.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Union Jack

There's no shortage of union jack items these days... I see it all over the place on blogs and pinterest, and I love it, being quite the Anglophile.  I just had to try it on something.  I thought this nightstand was perfect.  Here it is, and I find it drool worthy!  Yummy!!
 I never noticed the stripes on the British flag weren't symmetrical until attempting to tape them... it was much harder than you might think!

I used Old White, Aubusson Blue, and Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint, then I put a dark glace on it that I made.  I like the cool tone of the glaze this time vs. the dark wax, but glaze goes on semi-gloss much better than it does flat chalk paint... something to remember.  Then I clear waxed it.  Look at the lovely sheen the wax gives it!
This piece will be for sale at Fredericksburg Trade Days in October!  I have not decided on a price yet (I find pricing things very difficult!  Any suggestions?) Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Entry Table

Now this was a fun project.  My brother gave me a custom built desk someone was giving away that was black with gold trim and had been built from cabinet bases.  Weird.  So,  I took one of the bases and made an entry table.  First I painted it Provence.  Then, I took a random chair spindle (my brother Roger's idea, and a good one!) and cut it into fourths to make my own bun feet. 
Then I took an old pallet apart.  This took an inordinate amount of time and muscle, since I couldn't find our crow bars.  Some kid of ours probably chunked it into the woods.  So, one hammer, a chisel, one hour, and sore arms later, I had some pallet wood.  I cut them to length and nailed them on top, using rusty old nails. 
 I just used clear wax on top, so the difference in color in the boards really stands out.  I kept the original hardware.  I think this is such a fun, funky piece.  I can see it being used as an entry table, in an office, or even the kitchen as a little island...  I did decide the top was too wide, so I went back with the skill saw and shaved an inch and a half off both sides.

Here's before I shaved more off: *ignore the coloring!*  It is aqua, but I took this pic with my cell phone:
 And after.  See?  Small change, big difference.  I think it looks much more balanced.  In fact, I didn't mention what I didn't like about it, and Kyle immediately said, "Well, the top's too wide..."

This will be at Fredericksburg Trade Days in October!