Saturday, September 1, 2012

Entry Table

Now this was a fun project.  My brother gave me a custom built desk someone was giving away that was black with gold trim and had been built from cabinet bases.  Weird.  So,  I took one of the bases and made an entry table.  First I painted it Provence.  Then, I took a random chair spindle (my brother Roger's idea, and a good one!) and cut it into fourths to make my own bun feet. 
Then I took an old pallet apart.  This took an inordinate amount of time and muscle, since I couldn't find our crow bars.  Some kid of ours probably chunked it into the woods.  So, one hammer, a chisel, one hour, and sore arms later, I had some pallet wood.  I cut them to length and nailed them on top, using rusty old nails. 
 I just used clear wax on top, so the difference in color in the boards really stands out.  I kept the original hardware.  I think this is such a fun, funky piece.  I can see it being used as an entry table, in an office, or even the kitchen as a little island...  I did decide the top was too wide, so I went back with the skill saw and shaved an inch and a half off both sides.

Here's before I shaved more off: *ignore the coloring!*  It is aqua, but I took this pic with my cell phone:
 And after.  See?  Small change, big difference.  I think it looks much more balanced.  In fact, I didn't mention what I didn't like about it, and Kyle immediately said, "Well, the top's too wide..."

This will be at Fredericksburg Trade Days in October!

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