Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morrocan End Table

I think this table is adorable.  I actually envisioned this piece looking crisp and modern with no distressing.  That is not what the piece wanted to do and it doesn't take long to learn to work with a piece and not against it.  When I pulled the stencil off the top it ripped some of the veneer off with it.  So, instead of fixing it, I just roughed it up everywhere, all over, and I think it looks perfect. 

Here is the before:

I kept the original hardware.  Old brass is back, baby.
 Love how weathered it turned out.  Looks beachy.

So, I have another table identical to it.  Should I do it the same way in case someone wants a set or it's just so cute 2 people might want the same thing?  Or something totally different?

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