Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Green Window Frame

I bought this antique chippy window frame at Roundtop this year.  I wanted to try out my new color, Antibes on it. When you first put it on, it looks a bit garish, but I put load of dark wax on it, and I'm 
happy with the result.
 Love the random detail!

I ADORE how all the dark wax sticks into every little crevice and lets you see its crackled, chippy goodness.  The window measures 16 x 34 and would look awesome sitting up on a mantel, or propped against a larger window.  I'm selling it for $50.  Message/text/call/ me if you want it!  Sold the Duck Egg Hutch already...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Here she is!  A primitive high chest:  She is for sale for $130.

Remember when I posted on Facebook asking everyone to recommend a color for this?  Well, the vote was overwhelmingly red, so although I had none and really didn't have it in the budget, I just had to go buy some Emperor's Silk chalk paint.  I've been wanting some for months, anyway.

Because it's a pretty chippy piece, I knew I wanted to play that up and have several colors show through.  First I painted it French Linen, then put on random bits of Graphite and Aubusson Blue:

 Some close ups of the final piece:  I kept the original hardware, but purposely did not scrub all the old paint off.

Fun drawers!:

Look, a little bit of green peeked through from a paint job ages ago:  Love surprises like that!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chevron Dresser

Here's the big reveal:  My chevron dresser!  I used a tutorial found here.  This was not an easy project but the end result was so worth it.  Taping took the longest.  I did run into random little problems, like cutting through the tape without leaving cut lines on the dresser, deciding whether or not to paint just the drawers or the edges too, should I pull the tape tight or mold it along the edges?  I did get a bit frustrated in the middle of it all, but next time would be much smoother sailing.  I did have nice before pictures and during pictures, but Cullen bathed my laptop in milk and completely fried it.  Suffice to say the dresser was Periwinkle and quite beaten up.

In other news, I will not be at Garage of Good this month, as they have cancelled it.  I am scrambling for a venue this summer.  Has anyone been to Fredericksburg Trade Days?  What did you think of it?

This is for sale!  $250.  Message me if you are interested.  The drawers are painted grey inside.

Love these knobs!  I wanted something clear and fairly simple.  These are a little fussier than I had pictured, but I fell in love with them at World Market and when I put them on they were perfect.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Duck Egg China Hutch

This is the hutch before:  By the way, this is one of the pieces of furniture Crystal gave me.  When I was at her house a couple of weeks ago, she had done an armoire in Duck Egg with an Old White wash on top.  I liked it so much I blatantly copied it!

Here is the after:

Very interesting project to do.  I painted it 2 coats of Duck Egg, then dipped the brush in Old White and then in water.  Then I slathered it on and rubbed it around with a damp rag.  The damp rag rubbed right through down to the wood it places, which is what I wanted, distressing it without having to sand it.  I love the way it turned out, but I would also like to do it and make it turn out mostly white with bits of the other peeking through.

 I clear waxed it all over and was very sparing with the dark wax this time, just a few highlights.  I kept the original hardware, too.  The color looks a little different in each pic because it was storming and the light kept changing... I think the large picture is the most accurate in color.

This will be for sale at Garage of Good in a couple of weeks!  Haven't decided on a price yet...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Second Roundtop Chair

Love the Yellow and Grey combo!  I feel like I learn something new with each project.  This time, I learned that puppies like to eat batting.  I hadn't used it yet, but she tore up a good yard of it.  So the other two chairs will be slightly delayed...  

These chairs will be selling for $150 each at Garage of Good on Memorial Day weekend!  Come by and check it out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roundtop Chairs

I bought four of these chairs while shopping in Roundtop over Easter with my sisters-in-law.  We had such a good time and I bought some really cute things!  For these chairs, I am doing each one different and selling them separately.  They should be perfect desk or accent chairs!  Here is the before photo:

And the after photo:

I will be showing off my furniture this week at MOPS and this chair will be there!  And it will be for sale Memorial day weekend at Garage of Good.  Come and get it!