Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Duck Egg China Hutch

This is the hutch before:  By the way, this is one of the pieces of furniture Crystal gave me.  When I was at her house a couple of weeks ago, she had done an armoire in Duck Egg with an Old White wash on top.  I liked it so much I blatantly copied it!

Here is the after:

Very interesting project to do.  I painted it 2 coats of Duck Egg, then dipped the brush in Old White and then in water.  Then I slathered it on and rubbed it around with a damp rag.  The damp rag rubbed right through down to the wood it places, which is what I wanted, distressing it without having to sand it.  I love the way it turned out, but I would also like to do it and make it turn out mostly white with bits of the other peeking through.

 I clear waxed it all over and was very sparing with the dark wax this time, just a few highlights.  I kept the original hardware, too.  The color looks a little different in each pic because it was storming and the light kept changing... I think the large picture is the most accurate in color.

This will be for sale at Garage of Good in a couple of weeks!  Haven't decided on a price yet...


  1. Love this!! You are so very good at what you do...it's so cool to see the before and after!! I picked up a dresser at a garage sale thats sitting in the garage to do something with it for Ciara and thinking I should try this?? Thanks for sharing!!

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