Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Here she is!  A primitive high chest:  She is for sale for $130.

Remember when I posted on Facebook asking everyone to recommend a color for this?  Well, the vote was overwhelmingly red, so although I had none and really didn't have it in the budget, I just had to go buy some Emperor's Silk chalk paint.  I've been wanting some for months, anyway.

Because it's a pretty chippy piece, I knew I wanted to play that up and have several colors show through.  First I painted it French Linen, then put on random bits of Graphite and Aubusson Blue:

 Some close ups of the final piece:  I kept the original hardware, but purposely did not scrub all the old paint off.

Fun drawers!:

Look, a little bit of green peeked through from a paint job ages ago:  Love surprises like that!

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