Monday, January 16, 2012

Grey Mirror

I found this mirror in the cabin when we bought it and it really needed updating.  Plus, I didn't have a space for it.  So, I completely forgot about its existence until we moved stuff into my new workshop (pics coming soon, promise!).  It is an antique mirror, the frame and backing probably weigh 25 pounds, even though it is just 2 ft. square!  Here is the before photo:

 First I painted it with two layers of Primer Red chalk paint:

Then I covered it with one coat of a grey I made by mixing 3 parts Graphite to 1 part Old White.  Then I distressed and clear waxed.  Not being very detail oriented, I starting taking "after" photos before realizing all the masking tape was still on!  I went back and took it off and took more pics!  Here it is AFTER:

It is currently for sale!  To see the etsy listing, click here.

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