Saturday, August 17, 2013

From Toy Chest to Conversation Piece

Someone from church just hired me to change the toy box they grew up with, a plain jane brown box on casters, into a conversation piece. I don't know what you would call it now, but it's cool. I glammed it up. She requested it to have legs, a shelf, and neutral colors. Here's the before:

Pretend like my workshop behind the chest looks all cutesy like it belongs on Pinterest...

It's easy to see the finished project and think I always know what I'm doing.  So far from the truth, but I'm learning.  For instance this time I learned that you really have to have bracing for legs if you can't add them underneath a lip to secure them to.  I also learned that the way to attach bracing is with a kreg jig (thank you woodworking forums!)  This is what it looks like and what it does:

Here's the cool way I attached the shelf:  I screwed eye hooks into the legs, rested the shelf on them, and then screwed a short screw (plus a washer to make it even shorter) through the eye hook to hold it in place.  Pretty nifty.

Once done with the construction part, I painted it Yound Kansas Wheat by Cece Caldwell, whitewashed it with Old White Annie Sloan, and wet distressed.  This combo is a great way to keep it neutral but not boring.  I finished with clear wax.
Here's the after:

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