Wednesday, July 25, 2012

French Linen Church Pew

I just refinished this church pew for a custom order.  Originally, it was a cedar pew, very handsome, but they were ready for an update.  I painted it with Old White, dry brushed French Linen onto it, distressed and waxed it.  It turned out really pretty and I think all the brown/grey tones on my porch don't do it justice.  But I didn't have a backdrop big enough!

 Love how it looks next to my turquoise door!


  1. It looks really great can't wait to get into our living room. I think that we may have to move up the wall painting though it will look really good next the green we want to paint but not so good next to the off white slightly tan color it is right now.

  2. The church pew’s new look is amazing! Traditional church pews are only waxed and varnished, but the weathered look you gave it makes it a perfect fixture anywhere! It’s like you breathed new life into it. It would look special in a sun room or a gazebo!