Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nightstand Mirrors

Last year I scored a dresser for $40 at a thrift store. I brought it home but my husband didn't have time to unload that night, so he tied a tarp on it since a storm was coming in. The tarp didn't hold and the dresser got ruined. Grrrr. It came with two tall skinny mirrors that attached. They were the ugly brown plastic flecked with brown paint like so many pieces that you remember from your grandmother's house... Or is that just me?

Well, inspired action finally came for repurposing them!  I painted them a light grey, custom mix (read: leftover samples from new house). Then I whitewashed them and worked some white paint into the wax and waxed them. Their new home is in our new bedroom! I still haven't picked out anything for over the bed yet. 

See!  Proof that you can actually repurpose nasty plastic pieces!  Sometimes...

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