Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Refinishing the Refinished...

     A TON has happened in the year-and-a-half I've gone without posting on my business blog! Let me sum it up for you: We abruptly moved to East Texas in August 2014 for my husband's job.  I lost almost all my customer base because for some crazy reason people don't want to drive 6+ hours to get stuff refinished!  We rented a house with a tiny workshop.  I did some pieces and put them in a shop.  The shop closed.  I kinda gave up and just concentrated on making a new life here.  Then this December, we bought a house with a GINORMOUS workshop for me.  Whoop!  And now I know people here!  And I'm on a waiting list for a space in a cute store, but very tired of waiting.  So, I'm getiing up and running again and am going to try to sell on facebook.  I also have a couple of custom jobs lined up.
    Since the move, I have been repainting several pieces I already owned to go with the new house.  Here is the original piece:

Remember this piece?  It was left in the cabin and I decided to paint her pink because I never have anything in pink:
Turns out I'm still not crazy about pink.  So, I painted her white and dark waxed her:

I love how you can still see bits of pink coming through, though. It says, "I have a history!  A cool one in a cute little cabin!!"


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